40% discount on all certifications: 10th Feb – 20th Feb Academic year   ends   with   huge   discount Today we all use internet. If not all, at least huge population does. There are various reasons why we are getting more dependent on internet. We all want to stay in touch, stay up to date, meet new person, etc. Internet is not only used to fulfill our requirements but also for the entertainment purpose. In 2017 most searched words on google was Facebook, YouTube, Google, Gmail etc.   In India, advertisement spending is expected to grow at 8.4% this year. By 2019 this expenditure is e...

Digital Marketing Jobs and Career Prospects

career in Digital marketing
What is the scope of digital marketing? Are companies hiring? What are the job prospects in digital marketing? What types of job positions are there in Digital Marketing? What will be my job profile? What is the salary structure of a digital marketer? Do I have to be an engineer or MBA to become a good digital marketer? Lets discuss each of these questions in detail. The scope of digital marketing Globally, about 60% businesses use some form of digital marketing. According to my estimation, in India at least 18% of marketing budget of businesses is invested in online ...

10 Must Read Content Marketing Resources on Web

Content marketing resources on the web
Content marketing is one of the most practical, effective, and useful marketing strategies today. It involves creation, publication, and promotion of custom contents (on a regular basis) that are informative, unique, and useful for your brand building purposes. Unlike other marketing strategies that more or less focus directly on conversion, content marketing tries to build your brand's reputation and its recognition among users by clearing their doubts about your products and services. Employing this marketing strategy for today's online audience is crucial, as it feeds the never-ending ...

The Top Skills That Will Enhance Your Digital Marketing Career in 2017

Digital Marketing Skills for 2017
Digital marketing is an ever transforming segment. It’s a totally different ballgame altogether. Gone are the days when getting top ranks in search engines and driving visits to the website was so easy with black hat marketing practices and spam content marketing. Digital marketing today is unique blend of search, social, UX, and mobile. With frequent technology updates, change in user’s behavior towards the technology upgrade, or search engine’s quest for offering users the best experience, it’s very challenging for a digital marketer to keep them at par with industry changes. In th...

Your Ultimate Cheat Sheet To Land A Digital Marketing Job

Before we begin to share the ultimate cheat sheet to secure a well-paying job in the digital marketing industry, we will like to mention the six basic qualities that you must possess in order to shine in the industry. They are Creativity, Passion, Dynamism, Positivity, Enthusiasm and, Adaptability. When added together, these qualities can earn you a position amongst the most successful digital marketers across the globe. Success as defined, is a combination of hard-work, experimental multi-tasking, and great analytical skills frames in the digital marketing industry. So if you think that ...

Digital Marketing: A Lucrative Career With the Best Work-Life Balance

In today’s demanding work culture, maintaining a healthy work-life balance is a tough challenge for all employees. With the ever-changing business trends, increasing competition and shrinking profits, employees face strong pressure in their daily work-life. They need to ensure that every minute spent on their work station is productive and profitable for their organization. As a result, many employees face a tough time in balancing their professional career, good health, and happy family life together. Steve Jobs once said, “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the ...