6 Steps to ‘Find’ Online Influencers for Your Brand

Steps to 'Find' Online Influencers for Your Brand
Finding an influencer for your brand is like finding an angel that will take your brand in front of a large base of audience over whom he/she/they, or it has a powerful influence. And by the term 'finding', we don't just mean having identified the influencer, but also reaching to them, engaging with them, pitching them with our ideas and content, and lastly, retaining them like a 'trust figure' for your brand. This activity of finding, engaging, and pitching an influencer for a brand, also called influencer outreach, falls under the ambit of influencer marketing, which is a subset of digit...

15 Influential Digital Marketing Educators You Should Follow

Digital marketing is a very dynamic topic and rapidly evolving in different segments like social media, content marketing, and email marketing. Teaching marketers, students and businesses about digital marketing is an exciting as well as innovative task. There are many digital marketing coaches, mentors and teachers who are helping professionals learn more about this fast-moving topic. We have created a list of teachers, coaches, mentors, speakers, bloggers and digital marketing experts who help you remain up-to-date and stay ahead of the competition. With their practical and relevant e...