Creating Content Is Expensive. Why Can’t You Compile Just Articles & Posts? It’s Faster and Cheaper

Are you confused about the title question? Well, don’t be! This question was asked by a client to his team of digital marketing. The client meant to ask why he should invest (waste was the real idea in his mind) his money in creating or outsourcing original content when he has a cheaper and faster option to simply compile the relevant articles and posts available online, and use it for content marketing of their business. This was an oversight by the client on the importance of original and unique content in promoting a business online.

Spending on Original & Unique Content Is Actually a Profitable Investment

Original content is a short and simple sales pitch without any pressure. It doesn’t focus on sales, though it is the ultimate result that a marketer or firm would want from it. It is your brand message that conveys to the audience by demonstrating the reasons why your product or you are better in fulfilling their needs and wants. This helps in forming a positive perception about your product among the masses.

Quality Content

Original and unique content isn’t just a vehicle for SEO, but a golden gateway to make an influential reach of the very idea of your product to its audience. A well written article or blog, or an infographic or motion graphics or any type of content that has the power to connect to the audience’s interests and needs has these features:

  • Engages your audience
  • Provides value to your product
  • Strengthens relationship with your customers
  • Specific about the audience it has to attract
  • Uniquely designed for a platform
  • Share-ability

When brands use content compiled from here and there for the promotion of its product, it fails to connect with the audience. That’s where it becomes necessary to craft your own content that understands your product and its features intrinsically. So, investing in creating original content goes far in not only finding your audience but also successfully building your brand reputation among them.

Here’s an Interesting Case Study

In December 2014, a new client asked us the same question on the importance of investing in quality and original content in promoting his business. It was a B2B client, a segment that requires building leadership and authority online to become a company with a superior level of influence on its other counterparts.

As a digital marketer, it was our job to convince the client about why he must invest in creating or outsourcing original and unique content. We convinced him by making him understand that the best way to create thought leadership is through content?

Our explanation to the client was simple. We told him that content marketing also runs on the same principals of marketing that require you to stand out; to deliver what the customer needs and understand their pain points. For example, if you sell tools to the construction industry, you must understand two things- (1) the workers are not net savvy, and (2) they have huge problems like loss of tools and accountability. You need to address those and to be effective, you need to do it differently.

For that, we suggested the humor way. For original content like that the cost was high but this would also be a POD (Point of Differentiation) from other highly aggressive competitors.

Here are the suggested action points:

  • Focus on creating a list and sending content to the list.
  • Publish little less, but publish highly original content.
  • Encourage sharing of images to build community, reward those who constantly share pictures.
  • Publish graphics with funny and awkward moments and revolve your case studies around these graphics.

Profit incurred after content expenses: The response we got goes like this- “We are very pleased to inform you that the crazy content concept you insisted on is working. Profits are up by 12.7% compared to last 6 months. We are still closing leads. Sometimes it’s good to rely on expert advice!”

Key Takeaways

  • Don’t just publish content. Publish original content that is different from the content of your competitors.
  • Always establish a POD from your competitors in terms of content. It can be style, tone, font, use of emojis, brand icons.
  • Publish consistently and test. Results come after 2-3 months.


Content marketing is more about informing and building your firm or product awareness, and about instilling your brand message by demonstrating how your product or you are able to solve your customers problems better than anything or anybody. It thrives on the back of quality content that is relevant, powerful, and enjoyable. It’s only with the help of unique content that your product is remembered by the masses.

So, this was our 7th blog in a series of 13, answering a crucial question about the importance of investing in quality content and how they help in building your brand awareness among the masses.

Next week, we’ll be discussing about the role of blogging and why it still isn’t a passé. Till then, stay tuned with us…

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Sangeeta has over 8 years experience in IT and 5 years experience as a digital marketer. She has hands-on experience in most digital channels including SEO, Social, PPC and Email marketing. Her job profile as an internet marketer required her to handle and train teams for deliverables. She has trained and pushed team members to learn digital marketing concepts which are novel yet beneficiary for businesses.

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