How to Impact e-Commerce Sales With Social Media Buttons

Most big brands are using the “Buy” buttons on their social media platforms. It is gaining rapid popularity among certain mid-sized enterprises as well.

According to certain research reports, people are online for almost 2 hours per day on social media which means a lot of opportunities for online visibility and promotions for the brands on social media platforms. This is the reason the Buy button was launched with massive popularity and most of the social media channels announced their version of it.

Today, social media is not limited to just networking, sharing and chatting, it has now turned into an e-retailing platform.

Social Media Buttons

Social Media Buy Buttons and its impact on e-Commerce sales

  • Twitter: Twitter launched its Buy button in the year 2014. Users can directly buy the products when they see shoppable tweets with a Buy button. However, the feature hasn’t gained too much popularity on Twitter.

  • Pinterest: Pinterest is the social media platform that allows users to present their products and services in an amazing pictorial way with specific descriptions. The addition of the Buy button helped various retailers boost their sales. Many brands reported buyable pins to be a good source of sales.

  • Instagram: Instagram’s ‘Shop Now’ button was launched in 2015 and it’s a call-to-action button that directs the users to the retailers’ websites to allow sales within the platform itself. But this, too, has influenced sales of online retailers in a big way.

  • Facebook: The social media giant is now very popular for its sponsored posts and ads. The users are shown contextual ads based on their browsing history, interests and likes. The Buy button in Facebook allows users to directly place orders for products they like without leaving the platform.

More and more users are shopping through social media platform because they spend a great amount of time on these platforms. It’s easy for the brands to target them. So it would not be wrong to say that social media Buy buttons will be the future of e-retailing and online shopping.

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