“My Sales Have Plateaued. What Should I Do to Increase Online Sales?”

It happens with most of the e-commerce websites out there. Especially with businesses that are based locally. They start saturating with their sales run after reaching a satisfactory point. It happens because they stop, or simply say, fail in reaching to new customers. But thanks to the tremendous scope digital marketing offers, there’s never a dead end! If you keep increasing your customer base all the way, you’ll never need to face saturation with your sales in your e-commerce business.

Get Your Online Sales Fly Higher

How to Get Your Online Sales Fly Higher?
Simply having a great website with good looks and easier user interface, or having a lower product pricing than your competitors aren’t the sole factors, though important factors they already are, to keep your sales flying through your e-store. The most important part here is to reach your customers; the ones who are already there- your visitors, and also the ones you need to find, and then to provide them an overall smooth journey in their product finding and buying process on your website. These two are the main factors, however, there are other sub-factors that drive online sales on your e-commerce website. They are:

  • One way to quickly generate sales for your local e-commerce website is the paid traffic. However, that should be done carefully. Spending huge on one ad campaign can be a total disaster for you. You’ll need to start spending on multiple ad campaigns and then in multiple variants of those campaigns. This will require you to adopt a mindset of testing, and if done properly, your paid traffic will not only become affordable but it will also take your business to the next level.

  • You’ll need to build trust withing your sales funnel. The sales funnel goes like this:

    Seeing Your Ad/Click on it to Visit Your Site → Viewing Your Product Page → Viewing Checkout → Go Through Checkout Process.

    For example, you can include reviews or live chat option on your Product Page. Reviews provide some social proof to your customers while live chat provides quick answers to the queries (or doubts of customers about the usability of the product) of the customers.

  • A complex check-out page is only an obstacle between your customer’s will to buy a product and his actions to actually having it purchased. By making your check-out process easier, like removing the need to sign-up or by providing an option to check-out as a guest or by reducing the number of form fields that a customer needs to fill in, you can give people a sense of progress in their check-out process and keep them engaged.

  • You can use email marketing which is said to have an R.O.I. of more than 4200%. If you already have a list, you can simply start your marketing right away. If you don’t have any list then you’ll need to focus first on building it. You can do that by running some paid traffic to a page where you get people to opt in to your email list.

  • You’ll need to show your product to the world in a nicer way with all their benefits mentioned. Remember, people buy benefits, and not product! Have it photographed with right background and right quality of light to make it look decent. Include a zoom in option and ensure your product looks decently good even after zooming large. You can also include a video profile of your product. It will give your customers a living feel of the product.

  • Having a good up-sell and cross-sell strategy is a must. It will encourage your buyers to upgrade the product they are buying or to add more items in their buying cart.

Here’s a Case Study
A local business with an e-commerce website came to us with their low sales concern, and were asking about how to get them flying again higher. They weren’t just sitting worried, but they had already been reading about conversion optimization and had set aside a lot of money to work on it.

First, we did the research and analysis and the second thing that happened was a bitter fight in our team. Believe me, the acrimony was genuine. That’s the power of money! It split down our team right at the middle because here is what we found:

  • Most possible digital marketing channels were working fine for them.
  • The company’s online reputation was, what we can call, ‘great’.
  • A/B tests were already done by their agency that means the funnel was somewhat optimized, abandonment rates were acceptable.
  • Conversion rates were standard too.

It was a bit confusing situation for the client. However, digital marketers will understand what was missing here. Half of the team were suggesting that we run more tests. That means spending more on paid traffic. While half were suggesting just one channel- re-targeting. Logic said we should take money and do both. We took the fight to our CEO who suggested we should go with re-targeting. He told that if we would be effective, money would follow later.

Net profit incurred just after 2 months: $4300

Net profit incurred till date: $27000

As said by our CEO, money did follow. We built trust and this client recommended us to other businesses. We also started promoting their business through mobile-based marketing.

Key Takeaways

  • Sometimes solutions can be as simple as re-targeting.
  • Re-targeting works in both e-commerce as well as lead-based business.
  • When sales plateau with existing customer base, work on to find a new audience on a new platform.
  • Money is important but trust is what we should really count on. With trust, money will automatically follow.

To increase your online sales, you’ll need to keep re-targeting the already interested customers as well as keep finding new customers through various other means like A/B testing, etc. This way, you’ll never fall on having a decent number of customer visit on your website. And with a great number of visitors, conversions will automatically follow.

We hope this blog must have helped you on your queries about how to increase sales on your local e-commerce website. To remind you, it was our 9th blog in a series of 13, answering the most crucial questions related to digital marketing.

Wait till the next week when we come with our 10th blog that will describe the role of reviews and testimonials in building your business’ reputation online.

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Sangeeta has over 8 years experience in IT and 5 years experience as a digital marketer. She has hands-on experience in most digital channels including SEO, Social, PPC and Email marketing. Her job profile as an internet marketer required her to handle and train teams for deliverables. She has trained and pushed team members to learn digital marketing concepts which are novel yet beneficiary for businesses.

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