Understanding Buyer Personas: A Detailed Video Guide to Create One

Understanding buyer personas
Understanding your target users' or buyers' persona isn't just about knowing about their needs and wants, but also about accompanying them at a very psychological level in their journey of finding the right product or service that could be able to satisfy them by solving one or some of their problems related to anything, like cooking, eating, sleeping, working, traveling, or anything. This helps a business owner determine where to focus their time, guide product development, and allow for alignment across the organization. What Is a Buyer Persona? A buyer persona is nothing but a semi-fic...

10 Must Read Content Marketing Resources on Web

Content marketing resources on the web
Content marketing is one of the most practical, effective, and useful marketing strategies today. It involves creation, publication, and promotion of custom contents (on a regular basis) that are informative, unique, and useful for your brand building purposes. Unlike other marketing strategies that more or less focus directly on conversion, content marketing tries to build your brand's reputation and its recognition among users by clearing their doubts about your products and services. Employing this marketing strategy for today's online audience is crucial, as it feeds the never-ending ...

What is Retargeting And How It Helps In Increasing Conversion?

It must be tiring for you to see people leaving your website without taking any form of desired action such as buying your stuff, or simply signing up for your website. The fact of the matter is, you're losing about 98 out of every 100 people who visit your website. This calls for a targeted approach to bring those potential buyers back to your site and get them to take some form of desired action. That's where retargeting enters the scene. What is Retargeting? Retargeting, as described by AdRoll, converts window-shoppers into buyers. It helps in tracking those 98 out of every 100 potent...

6 Steps to ‘Find’ Online Influencers for Your Brand

Steps to 'Find' Online Influencers for Your Brand
Finding an influencer for your brand is like finding an angel that will take your brand in front of a large base of audience over whom he/she/they, or it has a powerful influence. And by the term 'finding', we don't just mean having identified the influencer, but also reaching to them, engaging with them, pitching them with our ideas and content, and lastly, retaining them like a 'trust figure' for your brand. This activity of finding, engaging, and pitching an influencer for a brand, also called influencer outreach, falls under the ambit of influencer marketing, which is a subset of digit...

I Hired This Agency and They Created My Website and Now I Don’t Have Control Over My Website

This is not a frequent incidence in the professional set up however, few incidents like these keep coming where the job is being handled by the not-so-professional people. Clients should understand and you, as a digital marketer, must be able to convey and take them in trust that your job isn't blackmailing or snatching their business, but facilitating its growth through your marketing knowledge, skills, and strategies. Our Response to the Question Clients should always include a 'work for hire' agreement in their contract with the digital marketing agency. This way they ensure that the m...

“Why Should I Share My Business Plans With You?”

Sharing the Business Plan With Marekting Team
The marketing department plays a vital role in promoting the business and mission of an organization but for that, it needs to know the business plan exactly. Doing digital marketing for businesses is not a one-sided work, but a two-way solution. The client would need to share their ideas and vision with the marketing team to enable them to be more in sync with the goal and objectives of the business organization. While the digital marketing agency would need to design their marketing strategies to keep them in consonance with the business plan. Why Clients Show Disinterest in Sharing The...

“You Have Set up My PPC Campaign, It’s Working Fine. Why Should I Continue to Hire You?”

PPC (pay per click) is the fastest way to put your advertisement on the web and drive the traffic to your website. This makes it the most convenient technique for the marketers, advertisers, businessmen, and entrepreneurs to earn money within a short time span. However, it's not as easy as convenient it is. PPC is not just about setting up an Ad campaign and sitting back to watch it run on its own while it drives traffic to your website. Rather, paid advertising or PPC demands a deep technical knowledge of an expert to carry the task successfully, that's why it is imperative for a client to hi...

“Asking for Reviews and Testimonials Is So Tedious. No one Complains. Why Bother?”

Online Reputation
Businesses (especially the small ones) do not care about the reviews they receive online for their products and services till they are receiving them (mostly) in good favor. This is clear with the fact that only 36% small businesses are investing in review marketing. Their tendency to ignore the few negative reviews, thinking that they are potentially not so damaging, are later proven to be the first and the deepest scratch given to their online business reputation. Why Reviews and Testimonials Matter Business owners often fail to understand the role that reviews and testimonials play in...

“My Sales Have Plateaued. What Should I Do to Increase Online Sales?”

Get Your Online Sales Fly Higher
It happens with most of the e-commerce websites out there. Especially with businesses that are based locally. They start saturating with their sales run after reaching a satisfactory point. It happens because they stop, or simply say, fail in reaching to new customers. But thanks to the tremendous scope digital marketing offers, there's never a dead end! If you keep increasing your customer base all the way, you'll never need to face saturation with your sales in your e-commerce business. How to Get Your Online Sales Fly Higher? Simply having a great website with good looks and easier...

What Is the Use of Blogging, It’s Passé. Let’s Focus on Social Media Instead

blogging and social media
Blogging, social media, and search engine; that's the trinity in unity which gives your business marketing an edge over others. If your marketing strategy lacks in any of these, it will soon be remembered as a failed strategy. Remember that your blog is that magical content which drives the interest of the users. The search engine is a place where people go to find something related to their interest. And the social media is a place where you track the right audience with the same interest drive that resides in your content, the blog. So, that's the trinity in unity! They simply can't work alo...