Creating Content Is Expensive. Why Can’t You Compile Just Articles & Posts? It’s Faster and Cheaper

Quality Content
Are you confused about the title question? Well, don't be! This question was asked by a client to his team of digital marketing. The client meant to ask why he should invest (waste was the real idea in his mind) his money in creating or outsourcing original content when he has a cheaper and faster option to simply compile the relevant articles and posts available online, and use it for content marketing of their business. This was an oversight by the client on the importance of original and unique content in promoting a business online. Spending on Original & Unique Content Is Actually a P...

“We Have 24K Visitors to the Website and Just $7000 for Sales? Are You Sure Digital Marketing Is Workable?”

Good traffic low sale
Though the future is of digital marketing, however, it doesn't mean that the elements and inputs of traditional marketing have suffered a wear down. Actually, with digital marketing, only the platform has changed but the elements and ideas of marketing are more or less the same as it was with traditional marketing. Many digital marketers tend to forget the true essence of marketing that leads to lower conversions and sometimes, even the closure of websites they are handling. So, there's no question that digital marketing is not workable, it's workable in almost any case. All you need is to...

“What Is the Use of Building a List for Email Marketing? The Turnaround Time for My Product Is 4-6 Years.”

Email Marketing
You don't stop talking to a customer after selling your product to them. Rather, you keep a check on them to gain the attraction of those other prospective customers who are connected to the customer you just sold your product. That's a simple business etiquette, and that's the way to expand knowledge about your product or business among the masses. One way of doing so is building a list for email marketing which is very important in this age of digital marketing irrespective of the turnaround time of your product. What Is an Email List and Why Building It Is Necessary? An email list is ...

SEO Seemed to Work Earlier But It No Longer Does. Why Should I Hire You?

Ever since Google came with its Panda and Penguin updates, websites with low quality and irrelevant content took a major blow. Traditional SEO practices like keyword stuffing and use of unnatural or toxic links proved to be of no profitable use anymore. This made many industry experts to say that SEO is no more; that it's dead! However, that's not true. SEO is still critical, and now a part of the overall digital marketing mix focusing more on conversion optimization and brand acceptance than just on keyword optimization and link building. Digital marketers call it the 'New Age SEO'. With t...

This Keyword Has 1700 Searches a Month in My Area. Can You Get Me to #1?

Topping the Search Results
In the world of Google, keywords play the most crucial role in providing traction to the websites, despite the fact that they keep changing their characteristics according to the changing nature of the needs and wants of the users. The same is applicable to the other search engines like Yahoo, MSN, Bing, etc. There was a time when single keywords were capable of driving traffic towards websites. However, with increased number of users on the web and a variety of criteria to their search queries, aiming to rank in the top 10 results for a particular keyword is no longer considered to be a r...

If I Get Results from Paid Search, Why do You Advice I Should Invest in Other Digital Marketing Channels?

Why Invetsing in Different Digital Marketing Channels Is Important
This is the first question you will come across when you will advice your client to invest in other digital marketing channels apart from paid search. Business owners often ask this question related to their advertisement spending habits. They need to know why they should spend on other digital media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc., when their expense on paid searches is paying well by diverting traffic towards their websites. This concern of any business owner is natural. They need their advertisement expenses to be cost-effective. If you tell them to expand thei...

“A Date with Digital Marketing”

The most awaited stuff is LIVE Now
DMIOA welcomes one and all to its one-of-its kind DATE. Let’s have an adventurous and exciting date with Digital Marketing. Everyone today needs it for their business but for most people, it’s still a mystifying term. Here on this date and the following sessions, we will find answers to all the unsolved puzzles related to SEO and Digital Marketing. To begin with, let’s accept the fact that every business is looking up to digital marketing to amp up their branding, marketing and promotions with an objective to take their business to greater heights. And as a business owner, cli...

The Top Skills That Will Enhance Your Digital Marketing Career in 2017

Digital Marketing Skills for 2017
Digital marketing is an ever transforming segment. It’s a totally different ballgame altogether. Gone are the days when getting top ranks in search engines and driving visits to the website was so easy with black hat marketing practices and spam content marketing. Digital marketing today is unique blend of search, social, UX, and mobile. With frequent technology updates, change in user’s behavior towards the technology upgrade, or search engine’s quest for offering users the best experience, it’s very challenging for a digital marketer to keep them at par with industry changes. In th...

How to Impact e-Commerce Sales With Social Media Buttons

Social Media Buttons
Most big brands are using the “Buy” buttons on their social media platforms. It is gaining rapid popularity among certain mid-sized enterprises as well. According to certain research reports, people are online for almost 2 hours per day on social media which means a lot of opportunities for online visibility and promotions for the brands on social media platforms. This is the reason the Buy button was launched with massive popularity and most of the social media channels announced their version of it. Today, social media is not limited to just networking, sharing and chatting, it has ...