Digital Marketing Jobs and Career Prospects

career in Digital marketing
What is the scope of digital marketing? Are companies hiring? What are the job prospects in digital marketing? What types of job positions are there in Digital Marketing? What will be my job profile? What is the salary structure of a digital marketer? Do I have to be an engineer or MBA to become a good digital marketer? Lets discuss each of these questions in detail. The scope of digital marketing Globally, about 60% businesses use some form of digital marketing. According to my estimation, in India at least 18% of marketing budget of businesses is invested in online ...

“A Date with Digital Marketing”

The most awaited stuff is LIVE Now
DMIOA welcomes one and all to its one-of-its kind DATE. Let’s have an adventurous and exciting date with Digital Marketing. Everyone today needs it for their business but for most people, it’s still a mystifying term. Here on this date and the following sessions, we will find answers to all the unsolved puzzles related to SEO and Digital Marketing. To begin with, let’s accept the fact that every business is looking up to digital marketing to amp up their branding, marketing and promotions with an objective to take their business to greater heights. And as a business owner, cli...