Do you want to know how to run a successful and profitable business website? Well you need to know both running an interactive website and Google Analytics concurrently. It is normal to know about business and website but what is Google Analytics? Why it is required? In a fast moving digital world you need to strategies everything very wisely. And to survive and thrive in E-commerce business owners need to make better and faster decisions. Better decisions are outcome of better analysis. Google Analytics is an easy tool to use and a perfect website appraisal system and it’s free. It enable...

Digital Marketing Jobs and Career Prospects

career in Digital marketing
What is the scope of digital marketing? Are companies hiring? What are the job prospects in digital marketing? What types of job positions are there in Digital Marketing? What will be my job profile? What is the salary structure of a digital marketer? Do I have to be an engineer or MBA to become a good digital marketer? Lets discuss each of these questions in detail. The scope of digital marketing Globally, about 60% businesses use some form of digital marketing. According to my estimation, in India at least 18% of marketing budget of businesses is invested in online ...

10 Must Read Content Marketing Resources on Web

Content marketing resources on the web
Content marketing is one of the most practical, effective, and useful marketing strategies today. It involves creation, publication, and promotion of custom contents (on a regular basis) that are informative, unique, and useful for your brand building purposes. Unlike other marketing strategies that more or less focus directly on conversion, content marketing tries to build your brand's reputation and its recognition among users by clearing their doubts about your products and services. Employing this marketing strategy for today's online audience is crucial, as it feeds the never-ending ...

How User Behavior Is Changing on the Internet

There has been a phenomenal growth in the use of the internet and it is set to increase in the future. We have also seen significant changes in the way people are using the internet. According to a survey by AddThis, more people prefer mobile phones over desktop computers to search things online. This change is due to the mobile revolution and Google’s move to make the websites responsive and mobile friendly. Take a look at the infographic that shows some surprising trends and statistics about the user behavior on the internet. Conclusion So, what are the key takeaways from these tr...

Digital Marketing: A Lucrative Career With the Best Work-Life Balance

In today’s demanding work culture, maintaining a healthy work-life balance is a tough challenge for all employees. With the ever-changing business trends, increasing competition and shrinking profits, employees face strong pressure in their daily work-life. They need to ensure that every minute spent on their work station is productive and profitable for their organization. As a result, many employees face a tough time in balancing their professional career, good health, and happy family life together. Steve Jobs once said, “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the ...

Digital marketing to create 1.5 lakh jobs by 2016: Experts

NEW DELHI: About 1.5 lakh jobs are expected to be created in the digital marketing space within a couple of years as more companies tap the internet and the social media platforms to bolster business, say HR experts. India is emerging as a digital outsourcing hub for diverse services including online advertising, social media and website design, they said. "With both businesses and consumers increasingly shifting their focus to the digital medium, there will be 1.5 lakhs jobs available by 2016," Manipal Global Education Services executive president V Sivaramakrishnan said. Going by es...