SEO Game Changer in 2018: Voice Search

We are in an era where voice and machine communicate with each other. No need to press buttons and keys. With the explosion of digital world customer demand and expectations has increased. Being as a customer centric, innovative minds start developing new things which delight customers’ requirement. The ease of talking into a device instead of typing is revolutionizing online behavior. Using voice search and digital personal assistants is becoming second nature as they are integrated into products that we use regularly. It helps us get tasks done more quickly every day. Voice activated ...

SEO Seemed to Work Earlier But It No Longer Does. Why Should I Hire You?

Ever since Google came with its Panda and Penguin updates, websites with low quality and irrelevant content took a major blow. Traditional SEO practices like keyword stuffing and use of unnatural or toxic links proved to be of no profitable use anymore. This made many industry experts to say that SEO is no more; that it's dead! However, that's not true. SEO is still critical, and now a part of the overall digital marketing mix focusing more on conversion optimization and brand acceptance than just on keyword optimization and link building. Digital marketers call it the 'New Age SEO'. With t...