A Beginner’s Guide To Informed Decision Making on Social Media Platform Selection for Businesses

Social media is not just another marketing channel. It constitutes a fundamental shift in the marketing ecology. There are different platforms and the behavior on each platform is significantly different in social media. To add to that, the platforms by themselves are evolving and consumers are in a constant change and they adapt their behavior according to every new change in technology. The science of identifying probable online customer networks, locating influences on those networks or platforms, and engaging them to talk about your brand and its solutions is social media. Most of us kn...

What Is the Use of Blogging, It’s Passé. Let’s Focus on Social Media Instead

blogging and social media
Blogging, social media, and search engine; that's the trinity in unity which gives your business marketing an edge over others. If your marketing strategy lacks in any of these, it will soon be remembered as a failed strategy. Remember that your blog is that magical content which drives the interest of the users. The search engine is a place where people go to find something related to their interest. And the social media is a place where you track the right audience with the same interest drive that resides in your content, the blog. So, that's the trinity in unity! They simply can't work alo...