“We Have 24K Visitors to the Website and Just $7000 for Sales? Are You Sure Digital Marketing Is Workable?”

Though the future is of digital marketing, however, it doesn’t mean that the elements and inputs of traditional marketing have suffered a wear down. Actually, with digital marketing, only the platform has changed but the elements and ideas of marketing are more or less the same as it was with traditional marketing. Many digital marketers tend to forget the true essence of marketing that leads to lower conversions and sometimes, even the closure of websites they are handling.

So, there’s no question that digital marketing is not workable, it’s workable in almost any case. All you need is to develop a true marketer’s insight.

How to Make Digital Marketing Workable in Tough Situations?

A true digital marketer is not just a person who has a great knowledge of tools and techniques of digital marketing, but a person who has a true market and user insight; a person who can enter into the psyche of the customers to understand their behavior, and identify that catalyst which triggers his pursuance towards finding and buying of a certain product, in this case the one which you as a digital marketer intends to sell.

A true digital marketer does that with a right and thorough digital marketing strategy right from the beginning. With a clear strategy in hand and a complete knowledge of the tools and techniques of digital marketing, he/she guides the consumers through the conversion funnel from the initial awareness level, to opinion, consideration, preference, and finally the purchase action. This way, he successfully increases the profit of the business by increasing the conversion rate of the website. Remember, all efforts of digital marketing is failed when you don’t get any conversion out of it.

Here’s a Case Study

A luggage company launched its website in 2013 with much fanfare. They received very positive feedback and reached the peak of its sales within two weeks. The number of visitors to its website kept increasing continuously however their sales weren’t increasing in the same ratio. Even after 2 years, in 2015, with a huge 24K number of visitors, their sales were just $7000. People were visiting the website, but they refrained to buy.

Traffic but no sales

The high pricing was out of the compulsion of some business decisions. However, no business decision can out-value the ultimate goal of conversion. So, initially we thought that there are some issues which are restricting the process of conversion. We did several testing only to find the cart abandonment rate stuck at 73%. It was devaluing the brand, so it needed to be addressed.

Estimated Revenue Loss: $100,000

Our team suggested four solutions to them:

  • If you have the restriction of selling your product at a high price, then at least you should consider freebies or bundle pricing to attract the customers.
  • You can give some first launch policy offers on your products.
  • Build a brand of your website so that people start believing in your product and care less about the pricing.
  • You can make a convenient website and let the customer compare and buy the products from there.

Key Takeaways

  • Never underestimate your customers. Try to understand their interests, behaviors, and needs.
  • Pricing matters particularly when you are online. So, either give some cashback offers, or some freebies or bundle offers.
  • Do your study before opting for a website. Understand the purpose of the website and your audience.
  • Technology can resolve a lot of issues but back application of technology can be costly.


There are many business constraints especially in retail segment that don’t allow the product to be priced cheaper, but it doesn’t mean it can’t find its audience. Digital world provides digital marketers a reach to all segments of users on this planet. All you need to do is find your prospective customers out of them. With a good market and user insight, you can identify those users, understand their interests, behaviors, and needs, and offer them the exact solution that they are searching for. That’s how you become a real marketer.

So, this was our 6th blog in a series of 13, answering a crucial question about the importance of having a keen market and user insight to become a successful digital marketer.

Next week, we’ll be discussing about the creation and importance of original content to catch the interests of the users. Till then, be right here…

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Shankar Kumar, Director of Training for Digital Marketing Institute of America, has more than 10 years of experience in online marketing, search engine optimization, and social media industry. He has special interest in making social media strategy and planning and execution of proactive and reactive online reputation management campaigns and is expert at market research, competitor’s analysis and UX optimization.

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