“What Is the Use of Building a List for Email Marketing? The Turnaround Time for My Product Is 4-6 Years.”

Email Marketing

You don’t stop talking to a customer after selling your product to them. Rather, you keep a check on them to gain the attraction of those other prospective customers who are connected to the customer you just sold your product. That’s a simple business etiquette, and that’s the way to expand knowledge about your product or business among the masses. One way of doing so is building a list for email marketing which is very important in this age of digital marketing irrespective of the turnaround time of your product.

What Is an Email List and Why Building It Is Necessary?
An email list is a list of people who have signed up to receive emails from you. People do sign up for this on a business’s website through subscribing to their email newsletters. There are various companies and tools that are involved in gathering customer’s contact information with the help of these subscriptions.

Typically, the email addresses are managed through a software service that allows you to keep them organized and send the messages out to all at the same time. This saves you a great amount of time and helps you in not just sending the emails but also in keeping a check on the response of its receivers. It helps in tracking which messages were opened, which messages weren’t and which were marked as spam. Through this, we get to know about the interests and inclinations of the customers towards the products.

Take a look at other great benefits of email marketing:

  • This gives you a direct access to your customers. You can create messages especially for them and have it delivered straight to their inbox at the click of a button.

  • You can reach your customers wherever they are through their smartphones. Other digital channels can also reach them anywhere through notifications on smartphones however, people tend to give more importance to mails than other social media app notifications while they are on the go.

  • It gives you a level of protection by providing your customers contact details and access to them which is not safe with other digital marketing channels as their algorithm updates can drag your customers off your hook.

  • You get a cozy and well organized customer details based on their demography. It makes it easy to target your customers specifically with your specific products.

This Case Study Will Give You a Better Understanding on the Topic
We had this client whose business was installing flooring, wallpapers, doing paint job, installing fencing, doing hardscaping and landscaping and selling awnings. The client believed that their products were of long turnaround time so, it was a waste of time and money to do email marketing on them. They were more interested in targeting new customers for their business.

We discussed our approach with the client and were able to convince him on doing email marketing on the existing customers too. This way, we’ll be able to keep in touch with the customers so that they remember your great job and recommend the products to their friends, and recall the same brand when again the need arrives for them too.

The issue is to keep your product/brand connected with them throughout the period.

Here’s what we suggested:

  • Ask for installation feedback and get their email.
  • Add a field for birthdays and send them a coupon or wishes through emails.
  • Ask for feedback on working at quarterly intervals.
  • To celebrate the business anniversary and send them pictures on social media.
  • Share your success stories with your customers once in every 6 months.
  • Send them brochures 3/6 months before the product duration cycle.

Profit Incurred: 18% increased in YOY orders.

Key Takeaways

  • Having a list is a crucial part of digital marketing. Never ignore an opportunity to build because it connects you to instantly 70% of your clients.
  • Once they are in your list, get your email white listed.
  • Stay in touch. It serves a dual purpose- to get you repeat orders and to tell your part of the story if anything goes wrong.

Even being so important, email listing and marketing is still not being used by most small businesses, at least not effectively. It simply leaves the doors wide open for you to ride upon it and better connect with your current and potential clients and customers. Remember, generating new leads and prospects is tougher than getting repeat customers. Customers who have already used your product have experience of it and it’s easier to sell your product to them as well as getting new leads from them.

So, don’t even think of getting the email marketing off your charts while you are doing digital marketing for your client. Include email marketing in your digital marketing strategy to build a list of your target prospects and customers for a lucrative business deal.

That’s it people! This was our 5th blog on an often neglected but very important topic on digital marketing. We’ll continue this series of 13 blogs each based on as much important topic on digital marketing as it was today. In our 6th blog, we’ll be explaining the relationship between traffic and conversion on a website.

Till then, stay with us…

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Sangeeta has over 8 years experience in IT and 5 years experience as a digital marketer. She has hands-on experience in most digital channels including SEO, Social, PPC and Email marketing. Her job profile as an internet marketer required her to handle and train teams for deliverables. She has trained and pushed team members to learn digital marketing concepts which are novel yet beneficiary for businesses.

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