“You Have Set up My PPC Campaign, It’s Working Fine. Why Should I Continue to Hire You?”

PPC (pay per click) is the fastest way to put your advertisement on the web and drive the traffic to your website. This makes it the most convenient technique for the marketers, advertisers, businessmen, and entrepreneurs to earn money within a short time span. However, it’s not as easy as convenient it is. PPC is not just about setting up an Ad campaign and sitting back to watch it run on its own while it drives traffic to your website. Rather, paid advertising or PPC demands a deep technical knowledge of an expert to carry the task successfully, that’s why it is imperative for a client to hire a dedicated PPC expert for his business.

Who Are PPC Experts and What They Do?
PPC experts are usually called as Google AdWords professionals. That’s because Google dominates the search engine world which makes it necessary for the PPC experts to use Google AdWords to set up pay per click accounts for business. However, PPC experts have to work also on other platforms such as Bing Ads for Bing, Gemini for Yahoo, and AdRoll for Facebook. That’s because they are also the big players of the online Ad world.

PPC expert

PPC specialists possess:

  • Knowledge of technical, behavioral, and creative aspects of digital marketing.
  • Certification by AdWords as a proof of their marketing and advertisement prowess.
  • Full command on their specialization.
  • Creativity in making, setting, and running the Ad campaigns.
  • A good insight on image Ad making.

And they help you in:

  • Obtaining high ranking and greater visibility through your ads on the internet.
  • Ranking your website on the top positions for the relevant keywords.
  • Gaining a true competitive advantage on the web marketplace.
  • Earning more ROI (return on investment).

All this demands an acumen’s insight in running the campaign cost-effectively and successfully.

Benefits of Having a PPC Expert for the Online Promotion of Your Business
PPC fellows are specialists and know their job inside out. Their vast experience with similar businesses make them hold a positive track record and perfection in whatever job they carry out. It takes years of experience in learning and honing the skills in this job. So, to think that you, as a business person, can run your campaign successfully without the backing of an expert can be a fatal idea for your business.

Check out below the benefits that come along with a PPC expert for your business:

  • PPC campaigns start with keyword research which is the most important part of paid advertising. And, it’s very complex as well as time consuming task. PPC experts know the game very well and have all free and paid keyword research tools with them to do the task.

  • One of the most important duties of pay per click management is campaign optimization for which you require technical expertise and experience. A paid advertising expert can take care of all these while you concentrate on another important business tasks.

  • A PPC expert knows how to minimize your expenses while bringing more visibility to your Ads on the web marketplace. They know how to set up your account and campaign geographically, and how to utilize hundreds of Ad optimization options and combinations to bring profitable results.

  • You’ll need to optimize your landing page for better user experience and make it appealing to drive visitors. You don’t have those experiences but your PPC expert possesses that expertise.

  • It’s almost impossible for you to keep up with the frequent Google Adwords changes but it’s the job of your PPC expert to always be. With excellent paid advertising skills and ever updated knowledge of the latest trends of the industry, your PPC expert is a gold digger for you!

Here’s a Case Study
Interestingly, companies commit some grave mistakes in their attempt to cut costs for maximizing their profit. In this case also, one of our clients with water damage control business did the same by firing us once their PPC was up and running. They said that we were no longer needed!

They thought it wouldn’t be difficult to run the campaign without a dedicated team, once it starts running. And they thought it wrong! Very soon they started losing their PPC leads which by the end of 5 months went down by a huge 70%.

One may argue that it’s not a rocket science to run a PPC once it’s up and running, however, where will you spend your time and effort at any point of time- in running the campaign, or in running the business. They realized it and called us back!

Here’s what we did, as an emergency counter measure:

  • Added call extension in the search, as people avoid to fill forms.
  • Created mobile ads optimized to fit in every type of mobile screen; it helped a lot as a huge traffic comes from people when they are on the go.
  • Improved landing pages’ relevance to the keywords to help increase the quality score.
  • Used review services for rating in PPC.

It brought us back in business but at a slightly higher cost per conversion.

Loss incurred in those 5 months: $1,15,000

Key Takeaways

  • No marketing channel runs on auto pilot. You need to monitor, analyze, and improve.
  • With some functionality changes like introduction of ad extensions; call extensions, address extensions, image extensions (mostly in case of e-commerce ads), etc., you can suddenly have more real estate on the screen.
  • Remember your competition is working hard to improve and if you just sit back after setting the campaign up and running, you’ll end up losing your leads to them.
  • Business holders should focus on running the business and leave the onus of running the ad campaign on the experts.

When it’s about your business, you can’t be making decisions based on assumptions and when it comes to PPC, you will need the help of experienced PPC advertisers, otherwise it can mean the difference between success and failure.

To remind you, it was our 11th blog (in a series of 13) that discussed about the importance of having a PPC expert in your marketing and advertising team.

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Sangeeta has over 8 years experience in IT and 5 years experience as a digital marketer. She has hands-on experience in most digital channels including SEO, Social, PPC and Email marketing. Her job profile as an internet marketer required her to handle and train teams for deliverables. She has trained and pushed team members to learn digital marketing concepts which are novel yet beneficiary for businesses.

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