How to Become a Digital Marketer? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

how to become a digital marketer
Want to become a digital marketer? Being able to learn a diversity of skills coming from different verticals of marketing, analytical thinking, content creation to social media optimization could be a challenging road to ride on. But, with the right approach and structured information, you can enjoy the learning path so much! (more…)

Digital Marketing Jobs and Career Prospects for 2018

digital marketing jobs prospects
There are plenty of questions, misgivings, and myths surrounding jobs in the digital marketing field. Most of these questions and misgivings arise because digital marketing is still an evolving and unorganized sector. As a leader in training in digital marketing, DMIOA responds to over 60 questions each day from students. And unsurprisingly, the topmost FAQs are: (more…)

6 Key Takeaways from Google Marketing Innovations Keynote

6 Key Takeaways from Google Marketing Innovation Keynote
As digital marketers, we all are hugely dependent on Google and its products. So any Google event attracts our attention. Today, we are covering the Google Marketing Innovations Keynote, an annual event held for the last 5 years. It was held on July 10, 2018 at San Jose, California. We all recently received information that Google AdWords would now be Google Ads. Well, it was not a cosmetic move. (more…)

Top 6 Digital Marketing Bloggers in India You Must Follow

top digital marketing bloggers in India
With an increasing shift of advertising spend towards digital media, job prospects for digital marketing professionals are going to remain high. However, because of the ever-changing technological landscape and the parallel shift in user behavior, digital marketers will need to be buckled up with the required skills and knowledge to grab the right opportunity at the right time. One way to keep up with the latest marketing trends and techniques is to follow the experts like top digital marketing bloggers in India. Better if those experts know the local market from inside out. (more&helli...

Work From Home Digital Marketing Career Options You Can Consider

digital marketing career options
Being physically available all the time is losing its luster because human and its mental strength is virtually existent everywhere. The rise of technology and people’s resourcefulness have contributed towards the off-site work culture. Most of the business houses now allow their workers to work from home or anywhere else, at any time to get the highest productivity through corporate inclusivity. This is one of the reasons behind the rise in popularity of work from home digital marketing career options. (more…)

Top Digital Marketing Blogs You Should Follow to Learn New Strategies

top digital marketing blogs
Digital marketing is evolving every day with changes in technology, trends, guidelines, etc., and majorly affected by the changing policies and algorithms of Google and Facebook. If you are not updated with these changes, you are at risk of falling. What happens when you search on the internet or find your inbox flooded with lots of materials and links to read? You might prefer to choose top digital marketing blogs from sites like MOZ, Social Media Examiner, HubSpot, Copy-blogger, Search Engine Journal and more. (more…)

9 Best Blogging Tools You Can’t Go Without – Recommended By Digital Marketers

9 Best Blogging Tools
Have you created a pile of quality content but are not able to grab the attention of your audience? Maybe, you are yet to become a seasoned content marketer or not using the right blogging tools. There are millions of sites and above that, billions of online content, competing neck-to-neck to seek reader’s attention, how would you grab their attention? (more…)

How to Pursue a Successful Career in the Current Job Scenario

job scenario in India 2018
According to the latest report of International Labour Organisation (ILO), India could witness an unemployment rate of 3.5 percent in 2018-2019, a slight increase when compared to 3.4 percent which was projected earlier. The number of jobless people in India will increase to 18.6 million in 2018 and 18.9 million in 2019, against 18.3 million in 2017. (more…)

Digital Marketing Institute of America Is Opening a New Center in Ranchi, Jharkhand

digital marketing course in ranchi
This time Jharkhand knew the power of digital marketing through interactive seminars arranged by the harbinger - DMIOA. DMIOA continues to sow the seeds of digital professionalism in young ingenious minds. We continue to spread knowledge and provide support to job seekers through new, dynamic and the most buoyant career field, digital marketing. DMIOA started its journey in 2014 and have turned more than 7000 amateurs, worldwide, into true marketing professionals through our enriching course modules and numerous workshops and seminars. (more…)

[HUGE DISCOUNT] Academic Year End Offer on all Digital Marketing Certification Courses

[HUGE DISCOUNT] Academic Year End Offer on all Digital Marketing Certification Courses
40% discount on all certifications: 10th Feb – 20th Feb Academic year   ends   with   huge   discount Today we all use the internet. If not all, at least a huge population does. There are various reasons why we are getting more dependent on the internet. We all want to stay in touch, stay up to date, meet a new person, etc. The Internet is not only used to fulfill our requirements but also for the entertainment purpose. In 2017 most searched words on google was Facebook, YouTube, Google, Gmail etc. (more…)