Digital Marketing is Ever Evolving

The commitment to teach to excel in digital marketing does not come easy for us. We are always on our toes learning new techniques, trying out new platforms for marketing and just catching up with the digital world.

The variety of platforms, the new channels, different mediums, types of content, search engine changes, the best techniques for each channel, customization, personalization, design, UX … the list has just begun and we are breathless! If you want to cover it all by yourselves you'll be like a dog chasing it's own tail, busy all the time and achieving nothing.

That's where we step in. We can help you become a jack-of-all-trades, a specialist or an informant or even hand hold you on a new project. Stay connected with us on the blog. . This blog is a compilation of information plus a tutorial of all sorts that we hope will benefit you.

And we achieve this because we have a team. Yes, it's not just one single person but, an entire team of generalists and specialists at your service.

Go ahead, take advantage and experience the best in digital marketing. We've got your back!


Sangeeta Kumar

Chief Content Officer, DMIOA

Vice President, GMR Web Team

Sangeeta Kumar is associated with digital marketing for the last 12 years.

She is currently Vice President of GMR Web Team, a digital marketing agency based in Tustin, California. She has also worked as an assistant to Canadian copywriter Daniel Lewis. She is also the Chief Content Officer of Digital Marketing Institute of America.

Sangeeta has hands on experience in most digital channels - SEO, Social, PPC, Remarketing , App marketing and Email marketing and has successfully dealt with over 57++ clients; taking their business to success. She regularly conducts digital marketing workshops to educate students, professionals and business owners about the nitty gritty of digital marketing.

Her job profile includes digital business planning and strategy, particularly for startups and businesses planning to scale. To facilitate deliverables, Sangeeta invested a lot of time in training her team in digital marketing and developing a seamless process that integrates all departments like sales, marketing, finance and customer service into the digital hemisphere.

She has co authored and ghost written several books. The latest publication 13 digital marketing questions asked by clients is available on the website. She loves teaching and believes in the concept of sharing and learning; hence her role and interest in Digital Marketing Institute of America.

Casey DeSain

Casey DeSain

Trainer, DMIOA

Digital Marketing Coordinator, GMR Web Team California

Casey DeSain is an alumnus of California State University, Fullerton with a bachelor's degree in Public Relations and a minor in Business Administration. As Digital Marketing Coordinator, he is in charge of coordinating internal and external marketing efforts. His main focus is promoting positive reputation and building clients into well-known businesses in their industry and locality, through effective digital marketing strategies. In his free time, Casey likes to hike, read and get into arguments about comic books.

Nicole Fronczak

Nicole Fronczak

Trainer, DMIOA

Marketing Specialist, GMR Web Team

Nicole Fronczak has over 18 years' experience in on -and offline marketing, project management, and business development projects for a variety of industries worldwide. She has worked closely with Global Marketing Resources, LLC, GMR WebTeam, and GMR Transcription Services, Inc. for several years as a key employee and expert contractor, on client projects and website development, business development and ongoing marketing of GMR's own internal companies.

Ms. Fronczak graduated summa cum laude from Syracuse University with two bachelor degrees in Marketing Management and Consumer Psychology. She was nominated as University Valedictorian, and has continued her education in financial and mortgage services, web and online marketing training, and is an active member of several industry trade and networking organizations, including the American Marketing Association, Phi Kappa Phi, NAWBO, and others.

Mahesh Kumar

Mahesh Kumar

Digital Marketing and Analytics Expert, DMIOA

Spokesperson, TCI

Mahesh is the spokesperson of the Transcription Certification Institute, a Buffalo, NY based company that provides comprehensive online general transcription training certification courses. This transcription certification course facilitates careers in transcription because it provides a guaranteed internship with a major transcription company upon certification.